Publication in Zeixs books

Illustration 2 // Zeixs, November 2012
Some of my illustrations were published in the book Illustration 2.
Illustration 2 collects the best of contemporary illustration. It showcases a wide variety of styles, ranging from more traditional line drawings, to images created and enhanced by computer programmes, thus showing the endless possibilities which technology can offer to the field of illustration.

Poster Design 2 // Zeixs, November 2012
A series of my posters were published in the book Poster Design 2.
Poster Design 2 is a collection of the best original posters around today.

Logo 3 // Zeixs, November 2012
Some of my logos were included in the book Logo 3.
Logo 3 showcases the best of current international logo design and provides inspirational material for aspiring young designers.